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"I grew up in East London, South Africa, in an area where poverty still exists. I am the second youngest of 8 children, and when I was 14 years old my parents divorced. My father went on with his new life and my mother was left to try her best to support us, but didn’t always have the means to do so. We went through many years of struggles in our home, but we survived! I met my husband while still in high school and we have been together ever since. We have raised 3 children and our 4th is due in October [2018]. We have also had our own family challenges to deal with. A few years ago my husband’s work contract came to an end and in the current economy of our country he has battled to find stable employment and took on different part-time jobs. I was at home with our youngest child who was diagnosed with a medical condition and was always sick and needed my constant care.

"We needed change in our family, and so decided to scrape together small amounts of money to register me to study Early Childhood Training, as there are many childcare facilities in our town and the need for trained female caregivers is great. I was able to register for the first module, but did not have the means to continue. I had heard of the Brockbank Education Fund at church, but I felt too prideful to apply, and so I didn’t inquire further. A year later I felt humbled by my circumstances. The challenges had changed me. I now felt the need to apply to the Fund, and through the blessings of Heavenly Father and this amazing Fund I received a scholarship to cover the rest of my studies! I felt so grateful that this was no longer a stress to me and my family. I know that when my studies are complete I will be able to get a vacancy that has a stable income to bless my family. I thank all the BEF donors for allowing such blessings to come into my life and to help change a challenge into a blessing!"