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I am one of six children. My parents are old-age pensioners who do not have employment and only receive a small grant from the government, and even though they have little in worldly things they still have tried their best to provide for me and my siblings. When it came time for me to study after school there was no possible way my parents could afford the fees as their meagre pension income could only cover the minimum necessities of life. I made applications to the national student study loan and was able to study my 3-year National Diploma in Management through this loan, but they would not cover my final year in B-Tech Management.It is a very big amount to pay back the loan, but I know that when my studies are complete I willbe able to find good employment with my diploma so that I can begin re-payments and become debt-free over time. I am so grateful to BEF for granting me a scholarship for my final year of study so that I can complete my education and find meaningful employment to support my family. I have a daughter who is almost two years old, and I want her to one day see that I worked hard in my studies to get a good job so that one day she does not have to endure such financial hardships when seeking tertiary education. BEF is such a blessing to me. I want to also one day financially help those in need of education, so that they too may feel blessed as I do now. Thank you to all the donors who have assisted so many in achieving their study goals.