"Well, unlike all the other BEF students, I literally eat-sleep-breathe BEF daily! It has been an absolute privilege and blessing to be the Administrator for the Fund in South Africa since 2009, and even more of a privilege and blessing to be given a scholarship to now study in my chosen field. I have embraced this opportunity wholeheartedly, and will use my qualifications and abilities to further this magnificent cause!

"To each member of the Webber family and to every person who has ever or will ever donate to the Brockbank Education Fund, I say to you that you can be assured that your selfless sacrifice has literally changed the lives of every woman you have read about on these pages, and in turn they will be paying it forward to change the lives of others! Please keep supporting them, praying for them, and keep remembering their stories of faith, hope, and courage as you continue in your daily lives. Thank you BEF!"