"The saying 'Heavenly Father works in mysterious ways' is so true in my life. I grew up in a very poor family. I was the only child in my family to finish school. The thought of furthering my studies at that point really was just wishful thinking. But Heavenly Father had other plans for me. I was awarded a BEF scholarship to begin my studies in 2013 and it became the best year of my life for the many things that I learned and went through. I enrolled at UNISA and Susan helped and encouraged me so much throughout that year to ensure that I do better than my best. Through my studies I suffered many trials. I was diagnosed with kidney failure and spent many weeks in hospital. In my hospital bed I did assignments and studied for exams. Heavenly Father gave me the strength to be well enough at the time of writing my exams. I could have lost all hope and given up. But I was not going to disappoint anyone, especially myself! I wrote the exams and I passed them all!

"I am so grateful to Heavenly Father for giving me strength, and to the Brockbank Education Fund for making dreams possible. I now have my first year certificate from UNISA for Programme in Office Management and this year I am currently doing Programme in Public Administration and Management and have passed all my first semester modules. I am ready to begin my second semester. I have a job as a valet car washer and I enjoy it because I know that if I find joy in it and work hard, and continue to study hard, that Heavenly Father will bless me with a job in my field of study when I am finished."