"I would like to express my gratitude for this opportunity that I have been blessed with to further my studies. I am the only child in my family to pass Grade 12. My parents were excited and wanted me to continue studying at varsity, but they could not afford the expensive fees. 

"I remember when I was writing my final exams in Grade 12 my mother said to me: 'My daughter, I want you to pass them all well so that someone can see your good marks and offer you funds to go to college. You are a good girl.' 

"It’s as if she knew that one day I would be awarded a scholarship to further my education. And so I had hope, and I worked hard, and now those words in history have become my future.

"These days it is not easy to get a good job without a qualification. It has always been my dream to wake up every day and go to college to learn so that I can become something more. All in all I feel very blessed and thankful to the BEF and my heart swells with love for you all. You will all be blessed in abundance!"